Friends - family

Are you having disputes with your family members or have communication gaps with friends

Love - relationship

Stressed due to love failure!! Or Worried about partner and relation bond

Sexual - wellness

Need sexual health concern? Or need Guidance to empower Sexuality in individual

Self - improvement

Feeling low, lonely ,over depressed or Getting Anxiety!

Child & parents

Behavioral Changes in Children due to parental disputes or Need proper Guidance on Parenting.


Empowerment of LGBTQ individuals or dealing with heterosexism and transphobia

Spiritual & yoga

Empowerment of Individuals through good spirit development and meditation

Personality Developement

Facing issues of Low self esteem and lack of communication

Our Plans


Counselling Plans
Wellness Plans


200 INR
45 Minutes
1 Session
200 INR
Batch per day
1 Hour session


800 INR
50 Minutes
5 Session
1200 INR
Monthly Plan
12 Session per month