About Us

Bitupan, our holistic wellness expert hails from Assam and currently resides in Delhi NCR. As a child he suffered from Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but with his mindset and will power he overcame both these mental troubles. He didn't even know that something was mentally wrong with him until in his early 20s he heard his friend talk about depression and OCD. By then internet has rolled out worldwide which led him to look out for more info about these two terms and that is when he realized that during childhood he fought two mental conditions without even knowing their names. Not just that he wasn't even physically strong. Sports could never be a part of his interest as he wouldn't be able to run for a long time and do difficult physical activities. But today he is a record holder for doing 100 abs crunches on a head stand position. He is known for performing some of the toughest yoga poses.

He is on a mission to help people get rid of their health issues, both physical and mental health, by living a healthy lifestyle and holistic diet. He believes that the Mind and Body are connected. What affects one, affects the other.



Shekhar Kar Artist

"I have taken personal guidance from Bitupan and it helped to understand the basics of healthy life. I can take care of my health myself "

Devesh Shah Software Engineer

" I learnt meditation and basic exercises from him and the way he explains is very simple and easy to understand."

R. Shrikanth Businessman

"The courses prepared by him are very helpful. I reversed my diabetes which I wasn't able to do with medicines in the last 12 years. "